What do you know about the braking system of a car?

2022-10-13 08:55

What do you know about the braking system of a car?

Drivers know that the quality of a car depends on the quality of the car. What really matters is what we don't see. There are three big cars. Not really. Optional, engine, chassis and brakes. Power and brakes are what make a car unsafe. We need to drive normally. You also need to be able to stop steadily while braking. This is how you can be safe.


What exactly is working when our car is braking?

We put our foot behind the brake pad when we need to brake. The power bar attached to the brake pad. It quickly amplifies the force of your brakes. If you don't magnify the power, the car is so fast, and its own weight, how can you easily let you step on the park.


The booster pump is tightly connected to the brake pump. As soon as the brake pump receives an order from the booster pump, pressure is applied to the brake oil in the brake tubing. When the oil is compressed, the force is transferred to the other four brake tongs. The most interconnected part of this is the brake oil, so we need to change the brake oil regularly. Otherwise the brakes will get worse and worse.


Then there is the brake disc and brake pad. After the brake oil is transmitted to the brake pump signal. Brake sub - pump connected card money will immediately tighten. Cling to the brake disc through the brake pad. The size of the brake pad also affects the braking distance to some extent. And then there's the piston that's going to play a part. Most of the cars in our daily life use a single piston cord, which is equivalent to pressing a finger on the brake disc. Of course, some cars use multiple pistons, and the principle is the same.

Under the condition that these internal conditions can operate normally, then. Other factors are external factors. Tires and car area lights are all likely to be affected. It's just that the area of the car is less important, and the friction of the tires is more important.

The last thing a car wants to stop is the friction between the tire and the road. If the tire loses friction. Then the internal braking of the car is no matter how good it is. In the car race, different roads, racing drivers will change different tires, in fact, mainly for the grip and friction.

We don't change the tyres all the time like racing drivers do. But in some extreme cases, it is necessary to change the tire for different situations. So the tire is also a very important part, the following pattern pattern reduction, to regular replacement or tire damage to timely repair.